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I'd like to increase my credit score and save money fast and cheap.
I could pay an extra $ per month to pay off my debt, but I'm not sure how to split it.
I currently owe $ on my largest credit card (with a limit of $).

Strangers talk debt

Debt is hugely isolating. It’s tough as it is, but when guilt is in the mix, it can feel impossible to speak out. Members of our community don't judge, and together we break the stigma of being in debt. One story at a time.

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Fun quiz: Best way to fix credit when buying a house

Helps credit  Saves down payment
A. Pay a credit repair agency that promises miraclesWhy?
B. Take out more debt to pay off your debtWhy?
C. Spend your down payment on your credit cardsWhy?
D. Save cash and build credit with Unadat. Pick two.Why?

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